ActiveX Go Board Gontrol
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GoBoard is an ActiveX control (written in C++) used to display board configurations for the ancient game of go, also known as weiqi, igo, and baduk. It can be used in any Windows programs which require go board display such as SGF viewers or IGS clients. It can also be embedded in web pages. The GoBoard control exposes its public APIs through COM. The purpose of this project is, first and foremost, to release the current codebase under an open source license. (GoBoard was released a few years ago only as a part of a shareware program I wrote to connect to Internet go servers.) If there is enough interest, then I'll try to "translate" it into .Net WinForms (probably using C#).

GoBoard™ is written in C++ using MFC/ATL, and it requires Windows 2k/XP. For development, Visual Studio.Net v 7.0 or later is recommended.

GoBoard Developers
GoBoard Admnistrators

GoBoard is released under the BSD license.

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Project Status
Common Lib
Version 1.0 was released on Oct. 8th, 2003. This module currently includes bare minimum of go-related classes.
GoBoard Control
Version 1.0 was released on Oct. 8th, 2003. This release of the GoBoard control provides all essential functionalities of a pluggable go board.
To-Do List
  • Create a script to automatically generate distribution files.
Common Lib
  • Lots of things...
GoBoard Control
  • Lots of things...
System Requirements / Dependencies
For Run-Time Environements
  • Microsoft Windows 2k/XP or later.
  • ...
For Build Environments
  • Visual Studio v 7.0 (.Net)
  • ...
Installation and Customization
Binary Distribution
There is currently no separate distribution for binary builds since the GoBoard control will be mostly used by developers. (Binary distributions will be added once we create a binary install package which includes a necessary registry file to be used to register/unregister the GoBoard control.)
Source Distribution
The most recent source distribution can be found from the Files section on this site. The snapshot of the current codebase can also be directly accessed from the CVS repository.